How does a guy meet dates other than online?

If he doesn't party much and doesn't have any female friends.


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  • Through his common friends or through his job/interests/college.

    • Common friends don't know women & jobs is a no no

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  • The world is a big place. The internet is simply one avenue along many streets. Anywhere is good to meet girls, but specifically, the location of where you met a girl is generally the type of girl you're looking for. If you meet a girl in church, then you might be looking for someone with high morals. At a bar, maybe just a few hookups. The internet is for people who usually have run out of hope and ideas since meeting people is difficult. Don't give up and have confidence. Talk to lots of girls and get into the habit of asking for numbers.
    Another quick suggestion is mutual friends or blind dates.


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  • Go meet someone, I've never used online for dating. Sitting at home obviously isn't going to help.

    • So where?

    • I meet at the grocery store, the corner store, the coffee shop, work, the video game store, lol. Just go out, doesn't have to be out of your way.

  • On the street, before and after class at the university, in the library and wherever.

    • If he's graduated.

    • Hm, how about befriending a female colleague and see if she has some single friends? I don't know, really.