Why is this girl acting weird?

There is this girl I know decently well at college. We always see each other at the gym and actually been on a date. She is too tough to read though. I was walking with one of my female friends the other day and we saw her. She came and talked to us for a little while and something made her laugh. She couldn't stop though and laughed for liked 5 minutes straight and as we were leaving she ran up behind and grabbed my waist in an attempt to scare me. We left but saw her again like 10 minutes later and she started laughing uncontrollably again. She found out I'm ticklish so now she keeps trying to tickle me. What is her deal?


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  • She is interested in you.


What Guys Said 1

  • Most likely she's flirting with you. That or she was hit up with some laughing gas. But in all honesty, girls like to make contact with people they're usually interested in (not always.) It is also possible that she's trying to get your attention. You didn't give a lot of information, like if you've asked her out again, how she looked at your female friend, etc. If you like her, just ask her out again. If not, keep her laughing and try to be friends.