Would you report them to the local authorities?

Let's say there's a guy called Marc. He's 21. He got his Bachelor's Degree and started teaching at a high school in your state. There's a girl named Paisley in his class. She just turned 17. For some reason, you visit this school often and know both of them. You realize they're dating, getting al lovey dover and having sexy times. My some miracle, you're the only one around who is aware of this. Their relationship and everything seems to go smoothly. But you think ''Hmm... She's under 18 and his student. Isn't this illegal? Maybe I should go and report them.'' What would you do?

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  • It's your resposibility to report this! He has been put in a position of trust dealing with pupils in a school. He knows that what he's doing is wrong. I don't think being under 18 is the issue, certainly not in the UK. It's the fact he's abusing his position of trust by dating a pupil.

    Strange, but if she was at another school, it would be OK, at least in the UK. She wouldn't be a pupil, and she's not underage. Just another girl!

    I don't know what the law says in the States about a 21 year old purely dating a 17 year old.


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  • In many states, assuming the couple in question lives in the US, there are close-age exemption laws. Here in Florida, Statute 794.05 states that it is only illegal for an adult to have sex with a minor if the minor is under 16 and/or the adult is 24 or older.

    The only real problem between them would be the fact that they're being affectionate with each other while at school. If their state has a close age exemption law like Florida's, and they keep to themselves while at school, then they wouldn't be doing anything wrong.

    But if neither of that is the case, then their relationship would be illegal.

  • I would advocate talking to him about it. It's not proffesional and might be illegal, but getting the authorities involved will likely result in the worst case ending for all three of you.
    If he's an ass about it, is having a sexual relationship with her and etc etc etc then I would talk to someone at the school/local authority pretty promptly.

  • It is against the actual rules and regulations of the school district as well as state laws in many states. You cannot have a relationship or relations with anyone who is a student of yours even if that student is of legal age to be considered an adult, it is still illegal. You should report him he went through training that this is illegal when he became a teacher.

  • He knows what he's doing is wrong so i think reporting him is the best thing to do

  • Close in age, clearly consensual. Besides, I'm assuming the age of consent in your state is 16. Don't ruin both their lives for this.

  • Mind you buissness. It will all come out anyways

  • It's not worth sending marc to jail for a consensual relationship with a girl 1 year shy of 18 and a 4 year age difference.

    I'm sure there are countless relationships similar to this. I knew a 16 year old who was dating a guy in college.


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  • Get some bacon, why would I or any random person who knows of this relationship care or want to cause trouble by reporting it?

    • If he can date a 17 year old, what's to stop him from trying it on with an impressionable 12 year old, who might be your daughter?

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    • Him not being a pedophile. I'm not on either side, but you're just BSing right now. There's a clear difference between a 12yo who is a CHILD and a 17yo teenager who is less than a year away from adulthood.

    • Yea, there is a big difference between a 17 year old and a 12 year old. I've seen lots of questions on here to about a guy thinking a girl he is dating waz over 18 and she turns out to be like 17 while the guy is in his 20s loll but at the same time, pedophiles are pretty sneaky and would probably snag a 17 year old or a 12 year old. This teacher sounds to be more likely a horny asshole who just wants a young, impressionable girl to have sex with than he does a pedophile.

  • The responsible thing to do is to report them. He shouldn't be abusing his authority that way.