Guy asking relationship questions.. Does this mean he's interested?

I've been talking to a guy and he shares a lot of personal photos of himself with his kids. We talked about what we wanted at first and I said I wasn't looking for anything but open if it happened and he said he would have to meet me first before he would commit. We talk everyday and share photos. Lately he's been asking a lot of relationship questions like "are you a jealous girl?" "What do you like in a boyfriend?" Then he suggested we go to a music festival in November together and he wants to plan soon. Not sure what to think. Personally it feels a little fast for me but what I want to know if this all means he is wanting a relationship and if he likes me?


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  • At this point, he is probably not (or is in a doubtful stage and is seriously considering a relationship with you). He is just "checking you out" whether you are a compatible partner, so, wants to know more about you.


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  • Take a breather and go one step at a time.