What does it mean when a girl does not order anything for lunch but ate on the same plate with you?

this girl whose quite close with me, although she has a boyfriend, she ask me out for lunch when university exams were over. When the time came, she met me for lunch and she looked gorgoeus, beautiful brown hair, cute red sweater and white scarf around her neck and gorgoeus shoes. She did not want to take a heavy lunch since she had a heavy breakfast with her parents before she dropped her parents off at the airport. So I ordered a single plate of Prawn spring rolls, so we ate on the same plate, we had a good time, she was laughing and smiling, I flirted with her abit and she was laughing. By the end of the lunch I dropped her to her car, we hugged- which was a full frontal close hug and we agreed to stay in touch and catch up again in the future. So what is up? Is her relationship not working out? to be honest it's been two weeks I haven't text because she's in a relationship.


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  • More than likely, her eating off the same plate as you means nothing. She didn't want a heavy meal, so she shared with you. Don't mistake her being friendly for flirting. There's a fine line and it can often be hard to tell the difference. Friendly and playful girls often get mistaken for being flirty when most of the time, it's just their personality.

    One way to find out if she is into you or not, is to text her. You could say something like "hey sorry I'm just now texting you, I've been busy the last few weeks. But I had a great time at lunch the other day and would like to do it again!" And gauge her response. If she wants to do it, she could possibly be into you or just consider you a good friend. Hang out with her and feel her out. Casually bring up her relationship and ask how it's going. Flirt with her but be very respectful of the fact that she does have a boyfriend.


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  • her relationship probably isn't working out. but it could be she's just getting a free meal with good company (you) but i think you might have a chance to get her if thats what you want.


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  • She sounds like she is looking to get a little on the side.