What do you think about the "f**k yes" rule?

so to explain, the "fuck yes" rule says that when deciding to go after someone sexually, romantically, whatever, you should only go after them if your answer is a "fuck yes", or a definite "yes". basically you should only go for them if you have strong feelings/physical attraction to them, and that you owe it to yourself not to settle. if you even have to think about it, it's an automatic no. now i for one think this whole rule is trash. why? because i would very rarely get "fuck yes" especially from the girls i want. the best i could get woulf probably be a "i guess so... why not?" i'm an unattractive guy who has dated women out of my league before, but if everyone followed this rule, i would have never been able to date girls like that lol. it would be like a dating death sentence for guys that look like me. i think whoever came up with it should be thrown down a well. do you agree with the "fuck yes" rule? thoughts?


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  • That was always my rule and it seems to have finally worked out for me... after spending almost my entire twenties single, I was beginning to have my doubts, but after experimenting with going out on several mediocre dates with dudes that didn't pass the "fuck yes" test, I realized that I'd rather being alone than settle and went back to using it.

    I've now found myself in a relationship with the most wonderful guy I could imagine :) SOoooooo glad I didn't settle!!


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  • When you meet someone, you can really only judge them by their physical features. It's important to be attracted to someone, but as the saying goes: A pretty girl will make you happy for a night. But a smart girl will make you happy forever. Basically, you should date people you're attracted to, but not just physically. Don't make judgments too quickly or you'll miss the diamonds in the ruff.
    Movies examples for fun: Miss Congeniality, the Duff, Cinderella Story, She's all that

    Last note: never think you're unattractive. Someone out there will think you're amazing and beautiful, even if you won't make the cover of GQ


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  • I don't agree.


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  • whoa wait a min... u consider yerself an "unattractive" guy and u claim u've dated gals "out of yer league" (u mean more attractive than u eh? ) and u STILL complain?

    gosh... other "unattractive" guys would kill to be like u LOL

    and yeah to answr yer question..."fuck yeah" rule's fine wid me