Everytime I see this girl I get this insane sexual urges to be with her?

i'm getting frustrated over the whole thing , she is a cute blonde and works at this restaurant i go to and everytime single time i have seen her there this summer she has been wearing these skin tight yoga type black pants that show off her amazing butt and i can't help but check her out everytime i see her there. and she knows by now that i have done this and she doesn't seem to care if not even enjoys the attention. but i get back to work and its all i think about for the next 3 hours , the day went by quicker oddly enough.
but i have these sexual fantasies and urges to be with her and do all kinds of sexual things in bed with her , like i'd love to eat her out for some reason that appeals to me and i know she used to do gymnastics so i think she'd be unreal in the bedroom. i just don't know what to do , i've tried to make small talk with her at work but things seem to be moving really slow and i feel like i want a lot from her maybe more than she'd be willing to give at this time. but i also feel that i'm not going to be satisfied unless i actually get to have sex with her after all this i seem to want it more


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  • Hahah looks like you're just gonna have to keep trying:) best of luck


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  • Ask for her number and take it from there. Make it clear at some point that you are not looking for a relationship, unless you are in which case just take her on a date.


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