Why does he threaten to break up with me?

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost six months. All of a sudden he keeps threatening to break up with me...


If you don't do _______, I'm going to break up with you.

If you leave, I'm going to break up with you.

If you hang up, I'm going to break up with you.

This has really got me wondering why he says it...

Does he really want to break up with me?

Why is he saying it.


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  • Let him break up with you then. And in my honest opinion, get into a conversation with him, make him say it again, and make it a reality. He is controling and manipulative. That's why he's saying that. Get away from him before your life story becomes material for a Lifetime movie.


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  • You put up with it once without dumping his ass on the spot for threatening you. That means he has you in a submissive state. You need to call him out on it as it's probably a bluff.

    "Fine, go ahead. In fact, how about I double down on that and dump you for threatening me. Tool."

  • Sounds like he is just looking for some excuss to break up and make you feel guilty about it. Talk to him about this and tell him what's going on.

  • He sounds controlling to me. Maybe you should talk to him about why he does it.

  • Either call him out on it or say "okay, go ahead then" because I doubt that he actually would. I've tried that stuff on my girlfriend once when I was mad and as soon as she said "okay, do it then" I felt like the biggest idiot.

    Or like the other guy said, he's looking for an excuse to end it and making it seem like "your fault" since you were the one to hang up so you chose it. And if that's the case then you're better off without him anyway, because that's way too controlling.

    Good luck.

  • get rid of him.

    he is a loser.

    anyway...why is he saying it?

    he trying to maintain control of you and your relationship by saying stuff like that.

    it probably scares you and he has control by threatening to break up with you.


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  • Honestly it sounds like he's trying to be dominant and take control. If he does it again just call his bluff or find out why he is threatening it. He is probably doing it as a game. Don't play it. They will keep doing it.