I though this girl had a boyfriend so I sort of didn't go after her but that might of been wrong?

i was under impression she had a boyfriend and she definity did have a boyfriend earlier this year based on some posts she made on her profile online and a picture of them together. however i haven't seen her with any guys and no recent pics of him and no posts on her twitter about any boyfriend since march? so now i'm wondering if they broke up or something happened? but i don't want to be the noisy person and like ask her this as i only know her from her work as i see her there a lot and although we talk never about personal details like this. i'm not sure what to do? i just though she had a boyfriend as she did earlier this year but now not sure whats up


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  • Ask her if she does.

    • but it be awkward to ask her at work? I never see her anywhere else though

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  • Ask her out for drinks after work. I wish I worked with women, I only work with 5 guys. And its not the burger joint!

    • I don't work with her , she works at a restaurant near my work that I go to at lunch often so I see her there on a regular basis

    • Oh, if you wait too long a other guys going to ask her out and then you'll be kicking yourself that you didnt! It takes a lot of guts to ask a girl out I know. But in the end it's rewarding!! Goodluck!

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