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So I've been talking to this guy for about like a couple months now and when we first started talking I was already talking to another guy, and after I told him he said he was talking to another girl. Well he's a really shy guy and everyone at school was surprised that he was even talking to me because no one had ever seen him like actually talking to girls and dating stuff like that. Well fast forward and he has started to talk about how any guy would be lucky to be my boyfriend and that he would totally date me and ask me out and that he's excited to start the next year of school because we could be a couple. In the whole midst if that I forgot that he was even talking to that girl so my question is is like why would he tell me those things if you still talking to another girl? Or do guys sometimes lie about things like that just so they could make you think that they have someone else too?


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  • Well maybe he is just friends with the other girl where are you, he finds you special and maybe attracted to you.


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  • He might just be friends with the other guy. Plus, if you told him first that you were talking to someone else, he might have said the same thing back because he wanted to try and show that he wasn't too interested in you, so you didn't think he was desperate?


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  • If you like the guy hang out with him a fee time and see where it goes.


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  • A guy is free to talk to how many girls he wants.
    A girl is also welcomed to do the same.
    If neither person is official with each other they are allowed to get to know other people (in that flirty way).

    • I'm not stupid I get that. And I'm perfectly fine with him talking to other girls. You obviously didn't get what I was asking.

    • I didn't say you were stupid.
      Make yourself clear in language then maybe I will understand you.