I shouldn't change right?

I am 17 years old and one of the most fun yet goofy girls. I am a person who welcomes everybody with open arms and live by kindness. I have been this way ever since I overcame depression like 5 years ago and just started loving life. Many girls love hanging with me because I love to laugh, love to make people laugh, and always have a lot of energy. Anyways the problem is that many guys I am interested in get overwhelmed by me and as a result they are standoffish. Should i try to tone it down a little or just keep doing what I doing. Thanks in advance.


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  • be who you are , if you have to change for him to like you then he's not the guy for you.

    how did u overcome depression... i kinda need to myself

    • Honestly when i was depressed I changed the people around me; it was a bad environment for me and it was hard for me to even talk to people to the point where i thought i was worthless. Also during this time I found God and begin praying and reading and also begin community service. I realized that my life although i thought it was miserable, could be a million times worse and begin to be thankful for all the things i did have. Also i started this technique of saying one awesome quality about myself each day. All of these really helped me and now i have no issues but i am trying to help those who feel completely alone and useless because i know it is one of the worst feelings. I would suggest talking to someone maybe trying these (especially if you are open to religion and surrounding yourself with different people. also i would suggest natural ways instead of medication. Just know that you are an amazing person and you are worthy of everything good in this life.

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  • No you shouldn't change, continue being yourself

    • Thanks i was thinking the same thing just trying to confirm it


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  • Yeah it depend on the guy tour going for. um because most alpha type male dont like to be embarrassed. If yo go for a class clown type he will love you


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