Should I come right out and tell him I like him?

I have known the guy I like for 5 years. The first summer we met we had a fling while hanging out all summer but nothing became of it. We have run into each other over the years and always gotten along well. Recently this summer we ran into each other and hooked up and then it led to a dating type thing. He showed up unexpectedly to my birthday we started hanging out and texting. But it never really went anywhere and then I started feeling like a booty call. I work in retail and last week he confirmed I was working on Saturday when we were talking and then on Saturday he went to my work and I wasn't there so I ended up meeting him and he took me out for lunch. Looking back I think that I might have pushed him away a little bit and he did make an effort. I wonder if it is time to be just be honest and tell him that I do like him? We are in our mid twenties.


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  • Look, what do you lose by telling him? Nothing. Just come out with it. You know it's the right thing to do, if only for your own mental health.

  • Not sure, you already had casual sex. I'm not sure telling him you like him is going to make him swoon. It's kind of hard for these sort of things to escalate to something more meaningful.


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