Do teen's really care about personality when looking for a partner or is it just when you're older?

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  • If they don't are they really the kind of person you want to be dating anyway?


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  • Speaking from my teen self many years ago, personality is almost everything. Girls could be pretty, but if there wasn't anything else, what was the point? Now, when you are a teen, finding your soul mate should be held off until later. But dating a lot of people and finding out what you want when you're ready to have a serious relationship is extremely important. That's how you'll know, when you're older, what to look for in someone. You have to practice it now or it won't matter how old you are


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  • Depends on what kind of person they are. These days looks and their social rank take a big part when they try to find someone, but in saying that, there are teens out there who find personality more important :)

  • If they have no personality or a bad one then I wouldn't even consider dating them! It might just be me but if they don't have a good personality then I can't actually see them as attractive in any way - it just makes them completely undesirable..


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