I don't get boys!!! Why was he staring at me? I don't even think we had a conversation. Why did he help me out of all the guys there? I need advice?

Someone please give me some informative advice?
Okay so it's a short story. My friend had a party well a "gathering" because it was like 10 people. So I only knew my friend that was having it. The people that came I had no idea who they were, they didn't know me. This guy comes in and looks at me. Then I start drinking I get drunk I threw up so many times. He cleaned it up he carried me down the stairs my friend showed me a picture that he was carrying me. And after that when I woke up he was staring at me. I don't even think we talked. And when I was about to leave he was STARING AT ME AGAIN. EVEN BEFORE ALL OF THIS WHEN HE CAME UP STAIRS AND SAW ME HE WAS LOOKING AT ME. What was up with this guy? I swear I'm not over thinking it. And why did he help me out of all guys when I was drunk. Advice please? On boys? We are 18 19 20 year olds


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  • So, it's pretty much he thinks you're attractive but doesn't know where or how to start because all you've shown him is drunkeness and not much of any other sign. Sure, he's attracted to you or he wouldn't have helped you, still, what are you being towards him? There's your answer, respect yourself.


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  • some other things must've happened while you were inebriated...


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  • In all seriousness it is a bad idea to get drunk around people you don't know. You could very well have been sexually assaulted and not even know it

  • he could have just been nice...


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