Why can't I forget about this girl?

I'm 15 and there was this girl at my old school that I had a crush on. She would look at me a lot but I would look away all the time cause I'm shy. Sometimes she would look away first. She showed a lot of signs that she liked me but I never made a move. This summer my family moved and I won't see her again. Ever since the last day of school I have thought about almost every day. Last night I had a dream where I saw her in a store and we exchanged numbers. I can't stop thinking about her. I can except the fact I won't see her again but I can't stop thinking about her. I'm gonna go to an all boys school so I won't be around girls much. Since I won't have a crush on any other girls I think I might not be able to full forget about her. Please help!


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  • you'll get over her.


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  • Remember her name? Find her on Facebook and hope you can connect.

    • I couldn't find her on Facebook.

    • Twitter? Myspace? Any social media you can think of?


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  • Ask her for her number! You'll be regretting it if you dont :)

    • I can't. We already moved.

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