Is he into me? Help?

I've known this guy ever since we were little, let's just call him Bob. he's always been too shy to talk to me. But in these past 2 years we started talking , and at first, I developed feelings for him, I told him, he said he wants me to. turns out he didn't he just dated me bc he felt bad. after that i was broken, and then i forgave him and we became so close of friends in these past 6 months. we were very close (still actually kinda are), and one day he said he loved me, i took it the wrong way and the it was a romantic love. so i always bothered with questions like "what are we" "WHY can't WE DATEEE?" but i got the hint that we were just friends. i got over it and made myself available and i've been really into another guy, but the weird thing is everytime i mention the guy i'm into Bob goes quiet and a look of rage comes over his face. and also he always says i'm beautiful and that i beat every other in the beauty contest and that my soul is gold. But I don't get it? I thought he wasn't into me.


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  • I don't think he's into you.


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  • He's into you.