What's the best way to find the right girl?

I'm a 30-something man with many great qualities. I'm athletic, good-looking, smart, have a good job and I think I'm decently extroverted / good company. I am pretty good at finding casual relationships here and there, through my sports teams or other random encounters but I'm starting to get to the point where I want something more serious.

My friends tell me to try online dating sites but that's not me. I dislike social networking (I don't have most types) and I prefer meeting people in person. Should I be asking my friends to set me up? Or should I be spending more time in a specific type of location?

Just curious for your thoughts.



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  • Just go out and do thing you like doing. Eventually you'll run into women who also like doing those things and will want to do those things with you. Good luck.


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  • I'm a little closer to your age, 29, so maybe I can get a handle on it. I also don't online date and prefer to meet people in person. Having your friends set you up on a blind date is certainly one way to go about it. But depending on what type of girl you want widely depends on where you might meet her. The girl I'm interested in right now I met on the street. We both happened to be walking in the same direction so I said hello, and we chatted. When she had to take another direction, I gave her number and asked for hers. Simple, easy, clean. Church, work, the sidewalk, bars, lobby of the plaza hotel, honestly it just depends on where you are and where they are when you meet. Get in the habit of meeting lots of people. I met a guy who was friends with a beautiful girl, so I made him introduce me. I didn't even really know him. There are so many methods in meeting people, but you do have to meet them. Go to parties, dances, (avoid clubs unless you're good with just a hookup), take a class, girls are everywhere as they are half the population of the world. Good hunting sir


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  • If you love to dance salsa (like I do) I believe you should enroll in some dancing classes. It doesn't only apply to salsa, take any hobby you're fond of and try to learn more about it. At those classes people will have at least one thing in common with you (the love of *insert hobby* and you'll be able to meet new people/ potential partners as well :) Best of luck


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  • Im only 19, i feel like i dont qualify enough to answer, best of luck.