Too nervous for our first date. Should I tell him I am so nervous?

I have a first date with this guy next week that I met online... and I am super-nervous. We have chatted almost a week, almost every day around 2-3 hours in the evening. There has been days, when I melt while speaking to him, but also days when I don't feel much of connection. However, I feel like he could be a good match, I really like him. But I am really nervous and I have already imagined so many different afwul scenarious in my head - about how I could mess it all up and how akwardly I could act.

I wonder, should I tell my date about my nervousness? How would you, guys, react when your date would message you a day before the date that you are super-nervous? Is it okay or is it a turn-off?

(I am 22, he is 26)

  • It would be a turn-off, if a girl would text me that she is nervous.
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  • It would be okay, I would be understanding.
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  • I wouldn't mind if she told me she was nervous I'd understand it would make me feel a bit more comfortable with myself as well


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  • Yes, please tell him. Being open and honest will help with trust and understanding.

  • Its fine. )

  • Yes, be honest.

  • he obviously has interest. be yourself, it will be fine. :)


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