My drunken boyfriend?

I'm not a big party person and it's never been my style to get wasted, but I have gone to parties where I've had a few drinks. Just recently my friend, Kate, has been having fires and has been inviting my boyfriend and I. This is the second party we've been to and my boyfriend goes off the deep end. He gets so drunk with his friends and acts like a complete ass. He becomes really racist and even gay with some of his friends. He yells and breaks furniture, glasses, etc. One time he wrestled his friend down the stairs and broke his arm. I hate going. This past time I didn't drink because I wasn't feeling it and when we got back to our apartment he said that I embarrassed him because I stayed sober. I've talked to him about his behavior and I'm in denial. Alcohol makes him a completely different person. He'll say "I don't do that!" Or "yeah, right." I told him that his behavior is unacceptable and we've spent hundreds just to replace items that he's broken. How else can I get him to change?

He's in denial*


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  • First off, this guy needs more help than you're able to provide. He's an alcoholic and it's only a matter of time till he's in legal problems. So my first recommendation is to dump him.

    Many girls will want to try to "fix" a guy like this. If that's your inclination you might try taking a highly embarrassing video of him being drunk and threaten to post it if he doesn't give up drinking. Just be prepared for him to become threatening, angry and abusive. And these guys will promise you anything and everything and then fail repeatedly because they love their addiction far more than they'll ever love you.


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  • Perhaps you ought to film him while he's drinking so he can see what an arse he makes of himself.


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  • You cannot force him to change he has to do that part on his own. Perhaps seek counseling


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