For the men on this site that are dominant?

If you are dominant then isn't it alright for me to judge your worth on how much money you make, how muscular and tall you are, and how educated you are?

Those are the classic definition of dominant


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  • I don't think so.


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  • None of those make a person dominant or not. They just place a person on a scale. Dominance is a personality characteristic. Either you have it or you have to work for it. Material gains aren't going to affect that.


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  • Lol I don't think I really understand what you are getting at but sure you have a right to doing anything; you just don't get to choose what the re-percussions are.

    • If you are dominant then if we go based on the traditional definitions of dominant then you should earn a lot of money, have a good education, and be muscular.

    • Nope I wouldn't think like that, being dominant is completely subjective to how the person acts. By your definition a man needs to be dominant 100% all of the time, I am sorry to say this but we are human. And humans slip up and don't act dominant. So saying someone is dominant/good/bad or anything of the sort could be completely false and doesn't represent the person at all. Labeling someone put false parameters around him/her and is never true.