Is she after me?

Very brief description of the situation: we're co-workers though she works in another country. There's been some light flirting on both ends, virtually that is but it seemed innocent. We met in person in Las Vegas for a company conference a few months ago and even though we didn't exchange a lot, there were a few looks between the both that made me thought "maybe she does want something with me". Then, once we both went back home and we've shared a few chats... most of them around "hey, I'd love to see your city" and "if you come, we'll go out". She's been the one suggesting I go there and she'll take me out actually.

I'll be seeing her in a couple of weeks as she's coming in for training... and I'm a trainer. What do you think?


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  • It could be innocent friendship. You can still be a friendly host to show her around. However if you are concern about her motive you can make it a after training thing to invite others along. That way you have done your part on being a great host and she wouldn't have a chance to rip your clothes off

    • Thanks, that is great advice actually :)

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    • Got it. I'll need to see how that goes. No private training sessions ;)

    • Thanks for the MHO. I'm sure it will work out well, being mr popular do comes with responsibility ;)


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  • I think you should make it happen😊

    • Lol, just like that? doesn't it needs to be more substantial?

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    • thanks, for everything :)

    • Anytime hun😉

  • She's hella flirting with you.


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  • How old is the girl? Is she single? May be all she is after is just non sexual flirting and nothing more. Don't trip about it