Should I break up with her?

so i left my own mother and sis that were going on a family vacation to spend time with my girlfriend cause she said pls dont go. now she calls me a ******** for wanting to speak to her a lot :/ (which if i left to india with my family i wouldn't have happened) and she's going for a couple days with her friend to a festival!! i dunno if im crazy or what but she told me to stay and now she's going!! is that ok? i feel horrible staying i hate this place and really need a vacation :( and im stuck here with a rubbish girlfriend who i feel makes me do most the work in the relationship and doesn't show an ounce of physical affection to me but still says i love you. sometimes i feel she's just there caue im so nice to her and treat her so well. i love her so much but there's only so much i can take :/ am i being over dramatic?


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  • Break up.



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  • The thing is, bro, you gotta have a backbone and do good by you. If you wanna go on vacation with your family, go. It's nice that you love your girlfriend and all, but you gotta do your own things sometimes. Can't always cater to her whims.

  • Break up with her. She wanted you to stay home while you were suppose to go on vacation with your family and now she's gonna go hang with her friend at some festival for a few days? That's not cool. She seems like a picky person. If you keep dealing with situations like this now, things will get worse later.


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