Forbidden love?

I used to date this guy from when I was like 12 to 16 . We were each others first loves and always had such a strong bond me and him had contact every now and then until he got really bad and hooked on drugs in and out of jail his life really turned for the worst. We lost contact but apart of me always still cared for him we are now 26 years old by the way. Anyway, he was in a rehab for 8 months and just got out. He contacted me when he got out and wanted to hang out at first I was scared but apart of me wanted to because life is to short and god forbid something were to happen and I never got a chance to see him. We ended up finally hanging out and talking about old times and I had so much fun apart of me felt alive again he brought me back to an innocent time in my life and made me feel like I was young again. After, we went out to eat and hung out at his place but didn't hook up or anything. Than the next day he asked me to hang out again and apart of me really wanted to so I went we ended up hooking up and It felt really wrong but right at the same time. I really don't have "real feelings" for him its more of a nostalgic thing. I just feel so confused because he is going no where in life and I know this is so wrong and my emotions just feel all screwed because I enjoy his company and him as a person but we just live in two separate worlds now.


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  • I understand how it feels to have someone from your past come back. They know that history about you that you have to tirelessly explain to other people, and they still just don't understand. Nostalgia is a good thing, it helps us look back on the past with fondness. But he is a person of the past and it seems you want to move forward. Forward means improving your social status, getting a better job, starting a family, those sorts of things. I can't tell you how you feel about him, or if dating him or forgetting him is the better choice. What I can tell you is you should find someone who will complement your life, your goals, and your future. Don't bog yourself down in the past just because you miss it. Everyone does. And that feeling of young and amazing, those feelings will come back when you meet the love of your life. That person who makes everything new again and better.


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  • You should stay away from him.