Why was he acting this way?

My boyfriend and I went, to, his friends wedding this weekend. He was a groomsmen in iT. He rode up with his friend the night before. When we got there he was already kinda liquored up. When we went to the rehearsal he was talking to his friends and I heard him point to his friend and say "this is my wingman". I asked later why he said it and, he said it was a joke. Also earlier we were just sitting in the hotel room with his friend and brother. My boyfriend jokingly said they could tag team me. He has joked about it, before and said his friend could do me. He always says he I a kidding. Then when we were at the wedding dance he didn't really dance me. I was outside a lot but when, i did come in he would dance with me for a little Then with someone else who, is about his parents age and good family friend
Which didn't care but I was jw why he didn't really wanna dance with me. This weekend he was just acting weird and being a jerk. Almost talking an acting, like he wants to be single. He tells me he does want to be with me and he can be insecure so I think thays why he says mean stuff and, jokes around like he does. But not, sure why he was actingf this way this weekend?


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  • Relationships are about mutual respect. If he can't treat you right, then you need to find someone who will. That can be really rash, so my real suggestion is that you should really communicate to him that you are feeling disrespected and he needs to fix it. If he really is acting like that, I wouldn't stand for it and he would know very quickly. My ex girlfriend (girlfriend at the time) got extremely drunk one time and was acting extremely rude. The next day, I remaindered her of all the terrible things she did and further pressed that if she acted like that again, we would not be dating anymore. She got drunk a few more times after that, but I guess I got to her because she was very certain to not do any of the stupid stuff she did before. You need to hold your partner to a high standard, that they are dating you, not some random bimbo and you deserve respect. Stay strong


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  • Why don't you tell him when he says things like that it hurts your feelings and makes you feel like he doesn't really want to be with you. Or what ever. The only way you get through with things is to talk about it. Could be him just kidding around but it could be him being an asshole. If my boyfriend started saying things like that or acting like that best believe I'd have a word with him. Unacceptable behavior in my opinion.


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  • i guess he was actually jokin as he said it by himself as well... yet i disagree wid his way.
    But i don't understand y he didn't dance wid u tbh... didn't they know there u were bf/gf?

    • Yeah we been dating for 2 years almost. Other guys were dancing, with others besides their wife or girlfriend as well.

    • so he wasn't alone... and he decided to blend wid da crowd i guess

    • He said He was dancing with whoever was out there.

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  • Is he normally kinder to you in private than in public? Maybe he's not proud to be with you (which is pretty insulting). Maybe he's just really immature and needs to be seen as more of a player, less "pussywhipped." (I think that second possibility describes pretty much every man who uses the word pussywhipped seriously.)

    • Not really. He can be a jerk when we are alone too