Will he ever want to try again?

I pushed this one guy that I met on tinder to sort of have a relationship with me after 2 months. But then I realised too late that I didn't actually want a relationship just yet with him I wanted to wait.

But then he started fading out. . and I got the hint that he wasn't as interested anymore. He basically waited for me to end it even though I openly gave him the chance too 3 times. When I ended it he was nothing but full of praise, saying I was 'amazing, such a lovely girl, kind and I had made him feel comfortable' . . but he didn't feel we were right for each other.

He also said he would like to be friends if I was keen for that.

Do you think maybe in a month or two he might want to try maybe a relationship or is all hope lost?


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  • Not sure but the chances are very less. He may still like you, maybe he does but I don't think he would want a relationship with you anymore, sorry. However friendship is possible, I would suggest please respect his choice. However if he changes his decision then be open to that as well, but for now respect his choice and take up his offer for friendship.


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  • nah i'd move on...


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  • This feels like 'putting you on the hook' moment. He says just enough for you to stick around while he dates other people. Chances are, he already is but his uncertainty for that person is forcing him to have a backup plan: you. So the real question is, are you alright being a second or third choice when he and if he fails with the other girls?


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