What is he trying to say?

My boyfriend and I broke up 2 weeks ago after a 3. 5 year relationship. To sum it up, when were good, we were really good. When we were bad, we were really bad. Though, we started to fight non-stop and finally one fight I picked, lead to the breakup. We really did love each other and were each other's best friends which is what kept us together for so long. We were each other's first love, so I guess the inexperience could have contributed to the cons of our relationship. We spoke to each other 2 days after the breakup and ended it on a good note. He seemed really disappointed in me though, but he felt he had to put his foot down this time. He's always believed in us and always wanted us to work through our problems to stay together. So things are going well between us as "friends". He still calls me just to say hi and good night. When we see each other it's really good and he gives me endless hugs. I feel like there's something there still. Just the other night I asked him if I talk/see him too much and replies with "YES =]" Caps and smiley face. And he asks "What's with these questions? I said to not force your feelings in any way but just let them happen naturally. " With this said and his actions, I feel like he's still interested but just wants to take it slow and not rush into things. He's not the type to play games either. I'm trying not to think too much of this but It's really getting to me and I don't know what to think. I know he cares but I'm not sure to what extent. What do you think he's trying to say with his actions and words?

I still do want him, but If that chance were ever given to us. I would want to ensure him that it'd be a healthy relationship this time. With all lessons learned. I know I shouldn't get too hung up over this because things will fall into place if it's meant to be. Another question I have is, is it possible he may want to give us another chance if we continue being on good terms? This breakup has made me realize so much. And maybe love just takes time to heal. We've been through so much.


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  • Sometimes a break from each other can really give you time to evaluate yourself outside of the emotional energy of a relationship. It seems like you have realized a lot about yourself and learned from this experience. That is a good start.

    So, what is he trying to say? He definitely has residual feelings for you. However, he is quite young and may just be attached after spending so much time with you. If he really felt like it would work , don't you think he would say something to the effect that he wanted to give it another try. He may eventually come to that conclusion, but don't rush him. Give him comfortable space as a platonic friend. Stop trying to figure this all out. Sometimes Time is the only medicine. He will eventually choose to get back with you or to end it all officially.

    He's trying to say, "I'm not sure". Adult relationships take patience and understanding.


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  • Personally you don't sound like a very compatible couple to me, you should be thinking to yourself am I actually happy with the prospect of dating this guy again?


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  • It is possible that he is testing the waters before going back with you to make sure it will be ok this time, however DO NOT and I mean DO NOT do thinks boyfriend and girlfriend do if you are just friends, that will ruin your relationship and make him think that he can have you without commitments, fights or restrictions. If he really wants to get back together he will ask you when the time it's right. Good luck