So I ran into this girl at bar I had seen online before and think I freaked her out?

i had seen her profile online before cause she is from hometown and friends with some girls i actually do know and have talked to in real life , however i had never really meet this girl before. and i knew from seeing her profile she was good looking but didn't realise she was insanely good looking till i saw her at bar and couldn't keep my eyes off her and she picked up rate away that i was checking her out and maybe i came on a bit too strong although she is single so and we were at a bar so trying to meet her that night wasn't really inapproiate. i also tried to talk to her at food area of bar is a place to get food and saw her there and earlier in night also sort of touched her arm lightly as she walked rate by me trying to get her attention and she seemed caught off guard by that . unfortuently none of the girls we knew in common were at bar that night or it might of been easier to meet her and talk to her if she though we had friends in common , if nothing else i got on her radar and she knows i have a thing for her after that night but worry i also might of annoyed her and that she might be tough girl to get close to and that she knows she is hot stuff.


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  • Just give her space.

    • that's sort of what I was thinking , it be ok if I try and talk to her again but shouldn't be pushy about it and likely she gets hit on by a lot of guys at bar

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  • message her online,


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