Is this considered cheating?

I have been talking to a girl I used to really really like and pretty much loved in high school beginning of college then we stopped talking then out of the blue she texts me about a month ago.. I really want to see her real bad I want to see her smile.. and everything. I do have a girlfriend. I should point this out. But I really have feelings for this other girl. I miss her and not the way friends should I want to see her amazing smile and give her a huge hug and never let go. And she wants to hang out but I don't think she's to comfortable hanging out with me if I have a girlfriend. We have never done anything sexually or physically but I feel like I could. As weird as this may sound I'm super nervous to hang with her I don't know why and it's not a bad feeling I'm just like super nervous at the thought of hanging with her. Maybe how that's how she feels. ... is this considered cheating since we have only been texting?


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  • in all honesty, you have 2 choices here. 1) you breakup with your girlfriend and date this other girl cuz u clearly have feelings for her or 2) you dont talk to her


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  • Technically you haven't done anything yet so no. What texts did you send?


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  • yes. if i was your girlfriend id be crushed. do the right thing

  • Yes, you are aware of your feelings and you are still continuing with it.

    It falls in that category, unless your girlfriend is cool with it.

  • Yes it is.


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