Is he into me too or no?

There's this guy who has been teasing me, flirts with me, is always around me, either quiet or making jokes, he acts shy and nervous sometimes and other times acts confident and show offs, sometimes super macho. His friends subtly hint/tease him when Im around. Stares at me, randomly smiles, gets excited to see me. I told him once i love choclate and since then he surprised me 3 times with chocolate. Recently he found out that I like him from a mutual friend and now he's being SUPER flirty and acting really silly and ALWAYS doing and saying things to get me to laugh. Sometimes he'll just stand near me but not say anything unless i start it or he'll be in a good mood and start cracking jokes. Yesterday I was cleaning up something and he offered to help me and said "I'm always happy to help, superman to the rescue" Oh and his best friend has started talking to me A LOT more and getting to know me. I liked a video he posted on Facebook of him working out & when he saw me Yesterday he was showing me more videos of him working out at the gym and we were laughing & joking and I put my hand on his arm not his bicep but his forearm as I laughed & I felt his arm immediately tense up & jerk it a little. He didn't move it and he continued flirting & talking But yet he hasn't asked me out... so what gives?


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  • He sounds as if he's really shy. Keep up the flirtatious exchanges. If he still doesn't get the hint and you still want him, give him your number.


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  • He;s really shy! keep flirting and itll all work out!:)