How often should dates be?

Say you just begin dating someone and you've both liked each other for ages before going out, and the first date went really well. How often should dates be ideally in your opinion? Of course it depends on the couple but what do you think?

  • Once a week
    67% (6)33% (2)53% (8)Vote
  • Twice a week
    33% (3)33% (2)33% (5)Vote
  • Three times a week
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  • Four times a week
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  • 5-6 times a week
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  • Every day
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  • Whatever they're comfortable with


Most Helpful Girl

  • less than weekly. you can meet up with someone without classing it as a date. dates are meant to be special, romantic and bring the two of you closer together


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  • Anything more than twice a week would be too fast, I prefer once a week for the first bit to be honest.

    • heck even in a relation ship I only need to see my girlfriend like 3 time a week! 5-6, everyday? that is insane...

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