What would you want her to message you on Tinder?

Hey guys, what are the best conversation starters on Tinder?

What would you want her to message you on Tinder?


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  • I used Tinder a few years ago. I highly suggest staying away from it, but if you are convinced that this is the way you want to go, make sure you ask them something that's going to make them say, "damn this girl is sassy and clever." Once you've achieved that, they'll be more open to message back. After all, they did swipe right too.


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  • Isn't tinder an app for people who want to hook up?
    If yes, then anything of sexual nature.

    • I guess a lot of people use it for that.


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  • Hey, I'm afraid to meet people in person and I'm absolutely desperate. Would you please go out with me on Friday night?

    • You know a lot of people use the internet to date, right? It's just a way to meet people easier.

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    • No, I gave you an opinion but you didn't like it. You resorted to insulting so I just fed you your own medicine. Again have fun with your Tinder tonight. I'll be out meeting people in person as usual.

    • You didn't give me an opinion, you insulted me, that's different.

  • She just needs to engage in the conversation

  • Nah I wouldn't write anything because for me that's BULLSHIT

    I prefer meting people face to face.

    • Then don't answer the question..

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