Do you ever feel so sure about something?

Everything feels right on the money, then she ignores you and you walk around depressed

The other person goes about their day and haven't any clue what it's doing to you, and if you told them they wouldn't believe you, brush you off and say they didn't care. I swear that feeling is very real, what you can feel about someone, and the pain of rejection cuts deep for a very long time. Feels like there's not any escape


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  • hmmm... it would be hurtful..


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  • You're going to get rejected a lot. That's just how it works. You just keep on keeping until you come across a girl who feels the same way about you, then you'll get your "yes." The important thing is to not let it get to you. There's always someone who will appreciate you.

    • I tried not too but the moment things went cold a heavy feeling of grief came over me, it's still there but it's easing up, I have to keep distracted with other things and try not to listen to certain songs


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  • Guess it happens to everybody, a better person will come along keep ur hopes high


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