Met this cool guy on Tinder, dating material? Can Tinder lead to a relationship?

Found this friendly guy on Tinder and we are texting a lot and we seem to have a lot in common. He's kinda cute too, we are skyping this weekend.
I am interested in potentially dating and a relationship, Im not too sure of what he wants but he doesn't seem to be a player type.
Is dating someone from Tinder a good idea, any one have luck on Tinder ending in relationships?


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  • Tinder works just like any other dating site if you want it to, you have just as much chance of being used or played as you do on any other dating site. Treat him like you would any other guy and have fun!

    • Ok, thanks! :) I was just wondering if this app attracts "desperate people with no social lives and who don't know how to interact with others" cuz someone told me that but I don't think its true. I also don't want all guys on it to assume that I'm on there for casual sex cuz I've heard that one as well.

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  • Tinder is only a platform of meeting new people, of course it can lead somewhere :)

    • Cool, there's hope! lol thanks


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  • It can happen but it's notorious for hook ups. If you want to know he's not looking for that just keep your dates out of each other's residences. If he really wants to date, he will stay around. If he keeps suggesting your place or his with stuff like "a movie at my place" and keeps trying to bring it that way then he's looking for a hookup.

  • Call me old fashioned but I have always felt places like tinder to be fake, not real everyone goes there for the same reason, people fake information etc, I prefer to meet dates out of random encounters or chance or from friends it feel more real that way.

    • I prefer this too but sadly guys never talk to me when I go out, ideally id meet a guy in a random encounter but usually guys dont seem to pay attention to me and i get kinda shy about starting a conversation myself, I don't know. thanks

    • You just have to work on your confidence a bit and go to places were men that share your interests and hobbies would most likely be hanging out.

  • It's rare, since Tinder is predominately used for hookups and one-night stands. But it can happen.

    • why is it that so many people use it for that?

    • I don't know, I don't use Tinder. At least not anymore. I stopped using it when I was told by one of my friends that it's mainly used for hookups, and I personally detest the hookup scene.

    • ya I hate hookups too. thats why im rethinking Tinder...

  • Yeah it might actually work, a lot of people met on the Internet and started dating in person some got married but it won't work if it's only on the Internet

    • Ya for sure, i prefer meeting in person but i figured why not give it a shot... thanks

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