People think I'm dating a 12 year old?

I'm 17 and people think I'm some sort of pedo because my girlfriend looks so young. It's really awkward, why are people so judgemental? Does anyone else have or had the same situation?


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  • I dated an Asian girl a few years ago and she looked like she was fifteen. She was actually twenty-two at the time, but I defiantly got some stares in public. As long as you know what you're doing isn't wrong, do you really need to worry about what other people (who you don't even know) have that much of an impact on you and your dating life. Dating her is about her, not them so don't make it about them.


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  • how old is she? now take that answer and tell anybody who questions it.
    How old are your parents? now think of there ages of when the oldest was your age, what grade was the youngest in? might turn out much creepier

  • You're very young and haven't dealt with the world enough. AS you grow you'll slowly begin to not care about what some random person thinks of you