I really like this guy, but he told me he thinks I'm annoying... What should I do?

There's this boy and he's really nice. His name is Aaron. But he thinks I'm annoying. Should I not text him as much? I only text him first like 3-4 times a day. Is that too much?


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  • He is a waist

  • Be less anoying

    • But I don't know what he means by "annoying "

    • Is your voice really high do you where a rediculus amount of make up do you conctantly mess with him

    • No, I never wear makeup except for eyeliner occasionally, and I don't know... His mom always has me over to go camping with them or something.

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  • stop texting him.

    • That's a lot of texting. I'd get annoyed too. Don't text non-important stuff.

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    • In all your texts to him, has he ever texted back? Or has it just been you. He's prob busy doing other stuff with friends and stuff. You keep texting him like that, he's gonna get annoyed and regret even being nice to you. If he hasn't been texting back, it means he doesn't wanna talk to you like you want to talk to him. So just do other stuff besides bothering him.

    • Yeah, he responds. We'll have a conversation and he'll have to go so then a few hours later if text him "hey" it sumthin

  • He justnot that into u

  • You are not in a relationship so toughen up.. stop texting and try being less annoying