Is it my fault if I dont show up-.-?

Yeterday we set a date with my crush (very good friend) or today. Its in 30 mins from now. After we agreed on the time and place i told her to go out today at night. she said se couldnt and she suggested to move it for the next day (meanin tomorrow). I asked her when exactly and she didn't reply. I messaged her 3 more times without being really annoying. I even called her just some mins ago. Now what the fuck, should I guess when we're going? Im not even sure what we're doing! What if she shows up and I dont? I dont want to ruin my chances nor the friendship either. But she doesn't say a word nor calls!!! How the hell am I supposed to know?


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  • If she doesn't answer your calls, maybe her phone is out of reach. Try again with a call but don't text her.

    • I have called her 2 times...

    • Did it somehow work out?

    • nope. I haven't messaged her till then. Im still mad but I have moved on a bit from that. I will see her again on September when track training is starting so... I dont know how things will be then. One sure thing is that I won't be the same good guy. She didn't treat me nicely...

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  • This is just a case of miscommunication. Her schedule is messing up and she's trying to adjust it. It isn't a good sign that she hasn't responded to you but not the end of the world. To you this is a huge deal, but to her it might not be so serious. If she hasn't responded back to an appropriate time, you shouldn't go because she is not going to show up without knowing you're also going to show up (unless she does and then you'll know she's out of her mind). So just let the date slide over if it does and play it cool. It's possible she's testing you (which happens more than girls like to admit) and when she realizes you didn't make her feel bad about it, that you're still interested to go out and that you haven't panicked, she'll be impressed since most guys do loose their s&*t over something like that. I'm not saying it's alright that girls do that, but they do. Some girls just act this way, either to test us, to show us they're not really interested, or just that it's not a top priority. I could spitball a dozen more ideas but the main point is, if you really like this girl, you'll wait for her to respond and just show her you're someone who is in control of the situation.


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  • Maybe she can't get to her phone at the moment. just have some patient it could be that something happened and she can't answer rn. but if she never answers then she's not worth the work you put in


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