Did I end it with a guy I'm dating too impulsively?

Last time we hung out was Sunday and as far as I can tell we had a good time, he agreed etc etc. Since then he has not initated any contact with me, however, he is busy with work and in the process of moving elsewhere. I have considered that. He replies when I text him, which has only been twice, but doesn't seem too keen on keeping a conversation going. So I haven't been texting him very much at all.

This morning I texted him "It seems that you've lost interest in me, so let's just call it off. No hard feelings. Just no sense in dragging it out if you're not interested."

He has not replied. If I was right in assuming he had lost interest, wouldn't he have texted back agreeing so it would just end it? I don't understand why he wouldn't reply to this. It would really be the easiest way to end it if that's what he was going for.

So if I still don't get a response, I was thinking of texting him (like, later tonight) something like "So are we on the same page here? If I'm misreading things I would like to continue seeing you. However it should be mutual. So I would appreciate it if you could let me know where you stand. Thanks"



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  • I have a feeling you feel like you did text a little impulsively. The thing is I get it though he just bailed on you so I suppose an option to choose would be to simply say "Look I haven't heard from you in a couple of days so I am feeling unwanted here. It sucks to see you go since we got along so well but if we can agree to not be together as an item I am okay with it"... or something

    • Yeah that probably would've sounded better... guess it's too late to go that route though.

    • No its not thats why I said ""look""... as in I am getting to the point of why I am feeling the way I am. So you could send something like that now

    • Please don't beat yourself over being human. It's a normal response when a guy is distant and it hurts cause we feel rejected, which he also would have NOT liked because he is human too. IF this dummy can't respond and clear the air, this is a BLESSING in disguise. Believe me, I know how you feel and it's upsetting but let yourself OFF the hook. It always takes TWO to make it or break it, and half of this is his fault.

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  • Im dealing at this very moment with a similar scenario with a guy who is 42 years old and im 44. In ur case you I assume were dating offen in mu case it was just a guy I met 5 mos ago during a family trip, he knows my family and we went out on a first date it was good date, we had things in common, we even talked to set up things for a second date, he teased me during texts I tease him back. I guess for him those teases meant I wanted a serious relationship and he was not looking for that but I was not looking for taht eitehr and he knew it. We were just getting to know each other. But for some reason after he took an European trip just this month, and he still traveling he stopped texting me. I mean we were not even a couple just getting to know each other I never knew about the trip cause he never told me at all. Our texts were always normal nothing that I foreseen he was not interest cause he never acted like he was not interested. SInce I did not know he was on the trip and I did not text him for quite a while, so I did not sound taht clingy or desesperate I text him just a week ago I text him a normal thing, he never answered. yesterday I texted him that how cool he was in Europe and he has to tell me how it went when he returns and I even ask him when he will return. Tell me were those questions that sounded I need a serious relationship? I ask those questions as a friend, so today he responded me today anbd told me half in English half in Spanish. Whatever we have or it was is not going to work. Im sorry, (In Spanish he wrote. Espero que estes bien, which in English means I hope you are fine

    • For me like you it would had been so easier if the guy did not drag me with the interest he was going to be a friend, he even told me when we were getting to know each other that he found a new friend in me. He would have told me blunty Ok im not interested he never gave me any hints he was not interested not even to have me as a friend , the reason why I kept texting him. ISInce the text he sent me yesterday I had to reply sorry but it got me off guard. and I told him Hello! WHat did I do wrong? Im clueless care to explain? I thought we agreed on be friends. This guy is 44 years old. acting like a teenager I assume


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  • No I think you should take hold of things as they are not not as you would "like" them to be. As it stands, the guy is unresponsive in your relationship. Effectively he's just not there. So I think you should move on.

  • I see both sides of this. Maybe he is really busy with work and moving. However, if he was interested he should have at least held a somewhat decent conversion during the week.

    I do think you might have jumped the gun too quickly on this given his current situation. I wouldn't wait all day for a response from him, because there is a good chance you won't get one.

  • Oh.
    If you sent it to me, I would have replied "Oh what? I actually do like you! I'm sorry that you didn't see it. I'll do my best to make you see how much you mean to me."
    if I liked you

    If I didn't like you, I would have just said so.

    I think he doesn't like you. But now... DO NOT text him anymore. If you want to know wether or not he likes you, you don't text him first... And you wait for him to text you first

  • Your in the friend zone


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