Is he cheating or just drifting apart?

I've been dating a guy for almost a year. And latly it seems things are changing. I used to go over to his house almost nightly, staying at mine maybe once a week if that. I also could keep clothes over there for when i showered i could leave in the morning for work. But latly he bearly calls me. Never texts back, all my clothes are at my house, i still have bathroom stuff there. I still have a key to his house. But im only going over his house every other night if that. I've only spent 3 nights there this week. Plus his new phone is locked down with a password. And he keeps it beside him always. we used to listen to music off his phone while in the car, but now we dont. I've asked him whats wrong and he says he's just stress and whats some time to himself. We never fight but latly I've been getting upset cause i can't ever get ahold of him. Never does he call and say good night or good morning. Not even a text. I've seen a couple of dating sites he was on but he said those was created years ago. Oh one night at 2 am a girl with a name stored in his phone text hey. He said it was someone long before me and ge has no idea why she was texting him, he said he didn't reply and deleted the text. Which he did delete cause i did look later that night. So i couldn't see if they was any messages before the hey. It wasn't flirty or anything. Cause if i texted at guy at 2am i wouldhave been flirty and used something like hey sexy or something like that. So i did believe him but started keeping a eye on things like 2 am texts, and the fact the ash tray is always empty when i come over. And no trace of the old cell phone. I even offered to buy it and he said it was messed up. I asked Sunday if i could use his tablet at work and he said it was messed up. Now its hiden somewhere as well. Im bot a snoper, so im not going searching for his stuff. Nor a stalker and drive by at 3 am. So what do i do?


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  • The relationship is cooling off and he might be searching for someone new


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  • He is definitely hiding something.