She kissed my forehead and touched her forehead to my forehead while saying I really appreciate you, and I love being with you Is she in love with me?

I try to be kind to my girlfriend, and try to make sure she is comfortable and happy. I try to make sure we have good communication and don't fight. I don't push her to do anything with me she doesn't feel ready to do sexually. (But we have had sex.) After going to dinner we came to my home. As we sat on the couch she kissed my forehead then touched her forehead to my forehead. Then she said she appreciates me and loves being with me. Does it sound like she is in love with me. She never said it.

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  • ... Or Falling head over heels in love with you here, dear.
    Good luck and keep up the good work. xx

    • I hope your right. Thanks.

    • I see the sure signs, although she hasn't found the right time with Mother nature just Yet, so hang in there, she more than cares.:)) xxoo

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  • I would think she either loves you or is falling in love with you


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  • That's really sweet it is like a " forehead language" or I don't know xD it is like sooo close and since she did that I really think it means that she really appreciate you and feel comfortable as she said, and believe me that's really really awesome and great ;) so you are doing it the right way :) best wishes :D

  • That's really not enough to determine, but I'd say she's rather fond of you, in the very least.

  • My guess is she wants you to say it first, or she's gauging if it will scare you off if she says it.

    • Yeah that might be it. I'll tell her soon.

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