Should I try talking to him or wait and see if he contacts me?

recently my boyfriend basically shut me out almost completely, barely spoke to me and when I'd ask to hangout he wouldn't say anything. I flat out asked if I did something and he said no he's stressed and busy, this continued. One night he was texting me and I flat out asked why he's been so stressed, two days later he texted me back saying he's going through something with his kid and stressed with work and needs space to think because he doesn't know what he wants anymore. So after being shut out out of nowhere for a few weeks and now he hits me with this I told him that me and my child need stability not someone that runs when they get stressed after shutting them out for weeks not say ing anything. He said he doesn't Open up to people because years ago he did and years later they broke up and this was a few years ago and he's still hurt (he was open with me before this happened) then he said his child only wants him to date her mother (I haven't met her yet but was told she does nt like when he dates ) he said he needs to do him n focus on his kid and we can still be friends, we were fighting but he told me everything. I told him I don't know if I can be his friend because I have feelings n Im mad at him. he said he's not ready to go down that road with me (serious relationship) n I asked why he would get involved and ask me out everyday if he didn't want to and he said he was ready until his kid said I want you and mommy back together. I told him not to compare me to anyone and that I didn't need details if he didn't wanna give I just needed something being he legit just closed me off out of no where and that I understa nd but as for his ex and shutting people out that if you live in the past you carry it with you and you end up alone and miserable and he should be alone and focus on his kid and his issues. I haven't heard anything from him at all and I miss him like crazy I know he didn't expect me to say what I said and I know he got really mad, he looks at a


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  • He can't man up to his child. He is weak and wishy-washy.


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  • I would attempt to forget him if I were you.