Do you think opposites do attract more?

There is this guy that I work with who I always thought was cute and a really nice guy. I however never saw myself with someone like him because he is quite different from me. He is very preppy, was in a fraternity, kind of southern, seems like a jock, eats super healthy, etc. I am more artsy, low-key, into metal and goth, eat whatever I want, etc. but, I have come to realize the guys who I have dated who are more similar to me end up causing me problems one way or another.

This guy at work I have started to notice is showing signs that he may like me. Yesterday I walked in to work and went to the kitchen to put my lunch in the fridge. He was in there so I told him "Morning!" He said it back and then asked how I was doing. Then he started talking about something that we talked about at the beginning of the year which I didn't really remember. I was surprised that he did. Then he started stuttering and I was pretty surprised because he is always so confident and has such a clear and loud voice. We work on opposite sides of the office and I can always hear him from there. But he was getting nervous and a little awkward. I was like wow what is going on here? Since that interaction yesterday, I have started to wonder about this.

Do you think dating an opposite with differing interests would be a good idea?

(Side note: My workplace is pretty open minded about dating at work. There are several couples who have met and gotten married after meeting there and my boss even encouraged it. Sounds crazy I know but that's the type of awesome company that I work for!)


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  • I think sometimes opposites attract but not always and then I think that most people who share similarities and differences. I've been with one girl who was opposite in appearance to me yet we have the same mindset.


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  • No, I don't think opposites attract more. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.


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  • they say opposites attract, and i see it happening all the time.


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