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I really, really do like him... but the problem is I haven't spoken to him since the semester ended 3 months ago. There are other guys that flirt w/ me but my crush was so different. One being, very respectable-doesn't curse. He's funny and sweet. We've hung out a couple of times. He showed SO many signs that he liked me. People have even asked if we were a couple. But here is the weird part, I decided to give him my # but he never actually contacted me. In fact, one day I was talking about that and he seemed so surprised to find my # in his phone as 'apparently' he forgot I gave it to him. Towards the end of the semester he asked for my Facebook which I gave, but we have not contacted each other at all. I know he's on a serious retreat to help the poor in a diff country so I think that's why he's been MIA. Anyways, what do I suggest I do?


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  • He is not that interested.


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  • Girl, if he doesn't talk... YOU talk.
    Do it! Or you may loose this guy. Dont think... just make things happen, right now.
    Say something, and go out with him.

  • I would just start with a "hi how have you been?" And see where it goes.


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