What exactly did you say when you were dumping someone you hadn't dated for very long?

I've gone out with this guy twice. No sex. He texts me a lot and says how I'm beautiful, that I make him smile, and he loves the time we spend together, etc. This is nice but I don't have any feelings for him at this point. It is possible that I could, if given more time, but I think it's best to end it now since it seems his feelings have progressed much faster than mine. If anyone has been here before, what exactly did you say to the person?


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  • A person can usually tell if they aren't interested in someone after a few times of meeting them. I usually give it two dates just because you can't really tell on the first one (too much fear and tension). But one of my best relationships I ever had I took the time to get to know her (over a month) and found out she was one of the best people I had ever dated. We dated for 4 years and though we aren't together anymore, I don't regret any of it. As for you, this guy might need some more time for you to explore your feelings. He could be worthless to you or end up being one of the most important people in the world. So explore that option and go on another date with him. Really figure out if he is someone you want to be with, try to really understand. I don't think you should sleep with him since sleeping with someone doesn't really tell you anything about them, other than how they act in bed. Follow your instincts on this and if you aren't feeling it, bail. You shouldn't be with a guy you don't really like and he deserves a girl who really wants to be with him. I hope it works out for you both, even if you don't end up together.


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  • I just told him that I've enjoyed getting to know him, however I don't think there's any chemistry between us