Why do I suck at dating?

ok first of all I hardly ever date. but when if I do I suck at it.

i seriously hate going on dates. maybe its because of this whole unreal "trying to impress me" atmosphere. plus when I'm on a date it takes like 10 min till I start to think he's boring /annoying (even if I thought he's hot before).

am I too picky? what's wrong with me?


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  • i think the first problem is that you THINK dating is a "whole unreal 'trying to impress me' atmosphere." I don't agree with that at all. sure, you want to impress the person, but don't we really strive to impress people we are really interested in? the first few dates (for me at least) is about getting to know the person, etc. I've never come back from a date thinking "they didn't impress me enough" and I've never gone on a date where someone who said they aren't interested in going out on a second date. don't put that much stock into the first date unless it's so bad. with that being said if date 2 or 3 isn't better it might be time to give up.

    really are you going to not go out with a guy again because he didn't "impress" you enough on date one? I mean, if they date SUCKED, I wouldn't go out again. also, maybe these guys are so enamored by you they just get nervous and don't know how to act...

    maybe you need to talk to the guys over the phone, over coffee, etc before you go out on a "date." this way you know what to expect.

    lastly, there is nothing wrong with being picky. I am 22 and I've only seriously "dated" 2 girls my entire life. never settle for second best.

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      Thanks for your input. and I'd never ever settle for second best ;)