Does this girl like me? please help?

the girl i like nipped my back yesterday when she was standing behind me, and she also told me about a guy giving her his number but she turned him down, is she hinting she likes me? why would she nip me?


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  • doesn't sound like she's interested.


What Guys Said 1

  • It's a form of flirting or a sign that she's comfortable around you. I'm assuming you like her as well? So I would take it positive that she told you that she turned down another guy. That would have been a wonderful opening to go, 'what about if I asked for your number?' Then if she said no, tell her you were just asking a hypothetical without feeling weird, but most likely she would have agreed and then you could have gotten her number. I don't know if you already know her, what's your relationship (neighbors, classmates, coworkers) but if you like her you should try to take her out. Not a lot of guys get a good sign when trying to pursue a girl and you got two.