Do girls care about dating guys in certain social groups?

People would put me in the jock group, but I have friends everywhere and I'm not an asshole and a lot of people know that.There's this girl I like and she's amazing. She really really good looking and she has one of the best personalities everywhere. She's definitely not popular, but I could give a sh*t. I think she's too good for me cause. We talk quite a bit and we have made out a couple of times at dances. So besides my story do girls in high school care much about social groups?


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  • During (Pre)highschool - Sometimes, it varies with the individual.

    - Per stereotypes: One wouldn't find a cheerleader with a "band geek"

    During college+ - Not at all, you can judge where the situation will go from your first encounter. If you want to pursue her and can judge that she wants to be pursued - then strive forward and try dating her. Don't waste your time worrying if she is bothered by a stereotype classification

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  • It depends. There are some teenage girls who are attracted to a certain type of guy, i.e. the bad boy, jock, nerd etc. It might be because it's "expected" in their social circle or a phase they're going through. On the other hand, there are also girls who don't care at all about guy and their social groups. If he is attractive, nice and alluring then she will crush on him.

  • to girls, groups don't matter if hers and her guy's groups are at the same level in the social heirarchy. hopefully jocks rank up there. good luck!


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  • The mature, open-minded ones don't, and you'll have an easier time finding them once you get out of high school.