Dating sites in relationships?

I was seeing this guy for quite some time, and throughout the entirety of the relationship he would always front these dating sites. He openly admitted to flirting with them, and by flirting I mean like writing mini erotica novels together. But to my knowledge, he never actually met any of them in person. I'm asking if going on a dating site is acceptable in a relationship, and when it's stepping over the line?


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  • Going onto a "dating" website = Rarely acceptable. I would understand a social-networking site like mspace or fbook; however, if he has gone to e-harmony, I would assume that there is some emotional cheating.

    Furthermore - his erotic novels with others, are blatant attempts at cheating. Even if he hasn't actively pursued them in person, it's best to communicate how this affects the relationship. If you've already let him understand your feelings and he's still doing it - then move on.

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  • i just broke up with my boyfriend over this. its NOT acceptable in my opinion. there is no need. its like they are looking for someone else.

  • No I think it looks like he is looking for other options. No person you are with should disrespct their partner like that. You need to know you mean more than that.