He didn't think he was leading me on?

I was talking to this guy for the past two months almost every single day, we meet about a year ago and reconnected one night in a college party. He started sending good morning texts, calling me, facetiming and always making plans to wanting to see me, he use to compliment all the time of how nice and good I smell. He was always so flirty and charmastic asking how I was doing, how my day felt. Supporting me in everything I was doing. I thought he was different, never pressuring me or tried to take advantage of me. But when I asked what his intentions were he said all he was looking for was a friendship (I got friend zone) he said he never saw it that he was leading me on to being mutually interested in me. Was I wrong? Should I have been cleared from the beginning? I didn't want to rush anything


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  • Anyone would've thought what you did. I think he's playing you


What Girls Said 1

  • You were obviously wrong.