Why is it that when I like someone and they start liking me back I lose interest?

What is happening is that i started really likng a guy (by his looks) we talked for a while and he was really funny and we had things in commom, but i didn't really lose any sleep over him, we went on a date and it was a perfect date and everything but i didn't quite feel anything. I feel llonely and maybe that is why i want a relationship. now thats he's getting closer and giving me much more attention i feel akaward, and i have no idea if i like him. should i be feeling butterflies? or my heart racing? or am i only lonely? i have no idea what to do. every time i like someone and they like me back i lose interest. (Ive never been in a relationship and im 18) maybe im scared of commintment. i have no idea please someone tell me what to do becaus eim going crazy over here.


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  • You enjoy being chased. That makes you feel desirable because deep inside you don't think anyone likes you

    • thats what i thought, i enjoy the chase but the thing is i don't feel anything at all, i mean im scared that ill never be with anyone i want to love someone one day but this always stops me. now i never know when i truly like someone. how should someone feel when they like someone?

    • I think it's sabotaging your own happiness. Therapy can help with this

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  • Maybe you like to chase them. You like a challenge.

    • yeah, its fun, this guy he's like prince charming man, he's great but i just don't feel anything else. gosh my head is nuts, but thank so for answering.


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  • Probably it was infatuation


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