Guys act weird when they hang out with their friends?

So I have been noticing how my boyfriend has been acting like a jerk in front of me when he's hanging out with his guy friends. He's a totally different person and I just feel uncomfortable around him. When he's with me, he's a sweetheart and a 'softie' (most of the time). I like that he has friends and this is probably how he really is when he's around guys, but it p*sses me off how much he has to be 'macho' guy. I'm not impressed at all. lol Is this just how guys are with their male friends? He wasn't mean to me or anything but I felt like I was with a 'stranger' or a fake person.


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  • Some guys are just completely diffirent around male friends so he wouldn't get mocked or anything despite most male friends being just like him while in a relationship...

    I wouldn't worry too much about it really, instaid I'd actually tell his male friends how he really is if he'd keep it up ;)


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  • Ya. But you shouldn't act like that in front of your g/f.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • He's being immature with you.


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  • yeahhhh... stupid guys... just don't hang out with him when he is with his friends, or move on and find a more serious, mature, grown-up and considerate guy.

    date someone older than you maybe.